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Lighted Signs

If you’d like to see your business rise head and shoulders above the crowd around it, you need to invest in a outdoor light signs for your business!

outdoor light signsLighted signs come in a literally endless array of different shapes, styles, and types. A lot of businesses have multiple opportunities to deploy lighted signs, and virtually every organization can benefit from at least one backlit or lighted sign. Lighted signs even include smaller pieces of equipment, like emergency exit signs, that are commonly used in every industry. Certain fields have more specific signage requirements.

My Charlotte Sign Company is your one-stop Charlotte partner for meeting all of your lighted sign needs. We fabricate custom signs for interior and external use, ranging from logo lobby signs to illuminated storefronts. Regardless of your industry, your specific needs, and your budget, we can design an effective sign solution for you! Trust us with all of your business’s identification and promotional signage needs.

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Traditional Outdoor Light Signs

Lighted Signs lighted 1 300x200With decades of sterling performance in advertising and promotion, the neon sign remains a consistently popular tool for promoting your business. Today many businesses are eschewing classic neon due to the high maintenance and repair costs involved in keeping these signs running. Modern technology has a perfect solution! Today LED lighted signs are capable of closely mimicking the look of neon signs with a much-reduced operational cost. Featuring a greater lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements, LEDs make a perfect replacement for neon.

If you’d like to install a sign that mimics the vintage feel of neon without all of the expense, we’d be happy to help you. Call us up and describe your signage needs for us and we’ll get straight to work!

Outdoor Lighted LED Signs

Lighted Signs storefront 3 300x174Modern LED bulbs deliver highly-efficient illumination with minimal power consumption, and they can easily replicate the look and feel of traditional neon. Get a retro vibe with a minimal ecological footprint suitable for the 21st century!

LED lighting can be used in all sorts of different signage, not just in units that mimic the look of neon. Cabinet signs and channel letters can both be efficiently and effectively backlit with LED bulbs.

By giving your business a radiant sign that’s easy to see at night, lighted signs are particularly useful for businesses that operate into the later hours. Convenience stores, theaters, gas stations, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and more all benefit from attractive lighted signs.

We fabricate all of our LED signs to suit your specific needs and desires. We work with tons of different options for style, color, and animation, and we’d be happy to address any special requests for your signage.

Indoor Lighted Signs

outdoor light signs for businessLED signs work just as well inside your business as outside. From the blinking OPEN sign in the window to traffic-directing signs inside your premises, there are countless effective ways to deploy lighted signs within your business. Restaurants, for instance, can benefit from lighted signs installed to accentuate important points for customers, like order and pickup stations.

We’d be happy to fully customize your signs in order to meet your needs. We have talented and experienced designers standing by to make your signage ideas a reality.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

outdoorWhen you’re ready to get on the cutting edge, we can provide programmable LED message center signs that allow you to take full control of your display options. Programmable message signs can be installed as standalone units or incorporated into another signage product, like a storefront sign.

LED message centers offer a lot of great benefits. Their messages can be constantly updated, and they’re available with a range of terrific color choices. Certain models will even deliver full-color animation.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

outdoor light signs for businessWe handle every aspect of lighted sign production, including customized design work, fabrication, installation, and repairs. Rest assured that you’ll get a product of exceptional quality and top-notch design work when you entrust your sign work to us.

Because we handle a vast range of different signage work, we already have the equipment and expertise needed to handle virtually any sort of sign order. We produce outstanding Charlotte exterior signs, interior signs, trade show displays, ADA signage, vehicle wraps, and much more.

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

Outshine your competition with an outdoor lighted sign for business by Charlotte Sign Company!

Call My Charlotte Sign Company at (704) 303-9153 for a Free Consultation with a Neon Sign Specialist!