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Monument Signs

You can find monument signs in entryways of churches, schools or corporate facilities because they are used to create a great impression on anyone walking into the facility.

Monument Signs Monument Foam 300x183It is an individual sign made out of brick, marble, stone, concrete or metal to display your name, logo and directions. Monument signs are cohesive to the building signs providing a complementary experience right from the start. By working with That Charlotte sign company, you can enjoy a high-quality remarkable sign for your facilities, setting you apart for everything else in the area.

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An Impressive Entrance

Monument Signs monument sign outdoor 300x225Your business, regardless of the type, can benefit a lot from using a monument sign. It is unique, remarkable and appealing enough to create a long imprint on anyone close enough to it. Even better, it sends a message that your business is here to stay! Monument signs don’t require any support from pillars or posts because they are installed close enough for everyone to see. Keep in mind that support elements might degrade, get damaged or wear and tear because of aging or weather elements. Therefore, without using them for your monument signs, you’re investing in something worthwhile and durable.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Monument Signs monument 4 300x214These signs are popularly used in facilities with multiple buildings, shopping centers and business parks. If a center has numerous tenants, we can create a monument sign to show a guide to each tenant and also serves as a remarkable greeting feature for manufacturing plants as well as corporate offices.

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Custom Signs For Every Budget

Monument Signs 2 64 300x214We create customized signs to suit all our clients’ specifications, needs or budget. We can choose from different materials and sizes to design an exceptional monument sign for you. You can choose something simple or straightforward or an attention-grabbing feature. Regardless, we will use our knowledge, experience and tools to create an amazing sign.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

For the best local, customized and appealing Charlotte monuments signs, you should choose us.

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