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Custom CNC Routed Signs

CNC Routing: We Make Signs Custom Shaped to Your Specifications

Custom CNC Routed Signs CHARLOTTE CNC ROUNTED SIGNS 1024x603

Finding Charlotte interior signage Indoor Signs that meets all of your (or your client’s) requirements, including shape, is difficult. But it becomes a lot easier when you work with a fabricator that uses CNC routing. At Erie Custom Signs, we use this method for everything from cutting material substrates to creating Raster® Braille.

If you’re looking for high-quality ADA signs made quickly and efficiently, rest assured our team can help. When you place an order for custom signage, our team will apply this method during the third step of our ordering process—production. You can look forward to signs fabricated to your exact specifications using some of the most reliable manufacturing technology available.

What Is CNC Routing?

CNC routing is a manufacturing method that has become especially popular in the signage industry. It involves the use of a computer-operated cutting machine to shear various hard materials. When linked to sign design software, a router can cut and shape materials with incredible precision.

Although this method has been around for a while, it’s only become more reliable. The CNC aspect (computer numerical control) refers to the control over the router via a computer. The process is automated, so there’s less room for error.