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Charlotte DTF Output Service Direct to Film

Our direct-to-film printing is a process of printing on a transfer sheet for heat transfer onto textiles. Our process involves the direct transfer of a design by first printing it on a special film and then using a heat press to transfer the design to a garment, handbag or other textiles. DTF printing involves using special UV inks to print a design onto a piece of PET film (this is a special film with has a coating that facilitates heat transference) using water-based inks and a special adhesive powders. The design on the PET film is heat-transferred to fabric using a heat press machine. DTF printing, is a cutting-edge method that is reshaping the fabric printing industry as versatile choice for diverse applications for DTF printing. Charlotte DTF output Direct to film

Why is DTF so Popular?The technology of DTF (Direct to Film) allows us to quickly print beautiful high-contrast, full-color designs on a DTF special film. DTF is unlike other decorating methods, allowing us to transfer our DTF prints with a heat press onto almost any kind of fabric or textile.

Is DTF better than sublimation?
Direct to film/DTF transfers is perfect for smaller runs or when you require a high level of detail in your design. Sublimation printing is also excellent when working with larger quantities or when you need all-over prints on polyester-based materials.
What are the advantages of DTF printing?
The advantage of DTF printing is its economical use of white ink. White ink historically was higher-cost component in the printing process. Today it is not just about saving ink, it is about revolutionizing how we approach cost and resource management in printing operations.
DTF is our newest addition to custom transfers and offers There are NO MINIMUMS, so you can order just 1 gang sheet. This Direct to Film transfer is soft, yet durable and offers amazing color! Fill up the sheet with different designs and sizes, and we’ll print and even ship them to you at one low cost.
DTF Heat Transfers